Inspiration Message from ALL THAT IS

“LOVE …  LOVE … LOVE … LOVE … LOVE.  -  LOVE unceasingly.

WORK  (underlined 3 times) … WORK at connecting and communicating with your Divine Infinite Self.   Give INTENT to communicate with this aspect of Self and diligently (underlined 3 times) … diligently work at this most important function of daily existence while on your Earth journey.
There is no other function that requires more attention than this.

What Are You Grounding?

Namaste to All,

This is a message that was recieved from ALL THAT IS that we shared for the Healing Prayer Circle. I think this is important for us all to know and remember.

What are you grounding into your consciousness?

Earth is a place of grounding.  What we do on Earth is what we are grounding into our consciousness and into the collective consciousness, because we collectively are CONSTANTLY creating the collective consciousness by and through our collective thoughts.

The Greatest Secret

The following is a message I received from ALL THAT IS about the truth of Love. At one of the prayer meetings we focused on this message and how we could embrace it for the betterment of our True Selves and humanity. May we all return to the truth of love that we are.

Knowing Peace

Knowing peace in such difficult times seems akin to trying to keep a rubber raft afloat on turbulent waters.  As hard as we try, the constant stream of waves can leave us feeling hopeless and too exhausted to maintain balance and clarity. This is how we lose sight of the horizon that we are headed towards. There is one vital component that when present will grant you great success, or, if absent will thwart your every effort preventing you from directing your raft ashore.